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The Raw Materials

Our Chef begins his day by choosing the right ingredients. The genuinity of the raw materials is the base of our menu, be it fish or meat. In our kitchen you will find only season vegetables and selected meats. We are very rigorous in choosing only fresh fish that regularly arrives from the main Italian ports. We have longstanding ties with our suppliers who only give us their best products.

Our pizza is wood oven coked, very thin, tasty and extremely digestible. We use quality ingredients and natural raising for our flour so you can be sure that tasting our pizza will be a unique experience that you will want to repeat. Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil....very simple....but an all time favourite. Taste it in all the combination that our experience can offer you.

In all the choices we make, the main object is to reach high qualitative standards. It is exactly for this reason that we have decided to sacrifice the quantity of our wine choices and to focus on quality wines. We have prestigious wines but also some that come from less known wineries but that have, nonetheless, high quality standards.


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